Here are 5 of the Best TikTok Alternatives for 2022

In this article, we are going to discuss about the best TikTok alternatives that you can use without any security issues.

The immense popularity of TikTok amongst the youth of today got a big throwback after its ban. However, with the best TikTok alternative, one can still continue to dance, sync, and enjoy creating comedy videos. The best TikTok alternatives are completely secured and can be installed in exchange for the original application.

Let us have a look at the Best TikTok Alternatives

  • Likee

likee short video app

The popular TikTok alternative named Likee is a mix of TikTok and YouTube altogether. You can make short memes and post them to do good otherwise. Use filters to grab more attention and look better overall. The closest alternative to TikTok has a decent SEO system to grab attention quickly.

  • Instagram

Instagram short video app

Instagram is a decent website to create videos that are of lesser duration. You can use a plenty of hashtags and grab the attention from other followers. Posting videos and doing a live shoot is very easy on Instagram. The insta reel launched in August 2020 is the real competitor of TikTok. It is the best app that can be used in place of TikTok in the current period.

  • ClasH

ClasH short video app

The free TikTok alternative made a great brand name after TikTok was banned. It made easy to create videos and allowed people to follow you more closely. It also has features like donations badges and other stuff that was exclusive to it. Clash is not exactly like TikTok but has more features that make it one of the finest alternative to TikTok.

  • Facebook

Facebook short video app

Ever since TikTok was banned, people started making short videos on Facebook. Indeed, it became the king of short videos in a very limited time period. The social media app made videos go viral very easily. It has a whole section where one can upload short videos and manage a plenty of content. Just a regular profile and still you can create short videos that do not need any hard work at all.

  • Triller

Triller short video app

After banning of TikTok, there were many rival applications that emerged to grab the attention of the video makers. One such application was Triller that allowed creation of short videos with some of the best artists and comedians of the world. You could join hands with rappers and singers like Justin Bieber as a part of your video. The best part about using Triller was that you can not only generate solo videos but also collaborate with groups for creation of content. Moreover, there were some of the best features like text, filters and more that could be added to the videos.

  • Youtube Shorts


Last but not the least, we have added Youtube Shorts as an alternative to TikTok. It is not the greatest platform for uploading short videos but you can do it in case you have a Youtube Shorts that needs more subscribers. In comparison to long videos, YouTube makes it possible for the short videos to go viral easily.

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