How to Share Instagram Profile Link

Instagram attracted everyone to its platform as it became successful. This article will lead you through three distinct techniques for sharing Instagram profile links. Since Instagram doesn’t offer a direct means to capture a profile URL, all of these solutions are indirect ways to do it.

How to Share Instagram Profile Link
How to Share Instagram Profile Link

What is Basically an Instagram URL?

Your Instagram URL (web address) is composed of your username, the domain name of Instagram, and a forward slash. Your profile URL will be, for instance, if your username on the site is “someone”: You can copy the link that leads to your profile page on Instagram for PC. On a mobile device, however, you will need to manually enter your username into the Instagram link.

  1. Using the Username

Your Instagram profile consists of three elements: your username, Instagram’s website address (, and a forward slash (/). Your Instagram profile link will be if your username is hightechbuzz. This link can be copied and pasted into many social media platforms.

  1. Using Edit Profile, find the user name

By tapping the Edit profile option on your profile screen, you may also locate the IG username. The username is displayed in the Username field. Pick it out and duplicate it. To create your Instagram profile link, add it to

  1. By sharing the QR code

Instagram offers a native function that allows you to create a QR code for your profile. You must distribute this QR code to others so they can scan it and view your Instagram profile.

How to Copy Share Instagram Profile Link
How to Copy Share Instagram Profile Link

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How to find and copy another profile’s link?

Fortunately, copying and sharing someone else’s post or Instagram profile link is really simple. Both connections to personal profiles and Instagram sites are available.

  • In the mobile app, open the Instagram profile whose link you want to copy.
  • Select Copy profile URL from the menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.
  • Your phone’s clipboard will receive a copy of the link. It can be pasted virtually anywhere.
  • The connection can also be copied from a computer, similarly.
  • Open the Instagram profile you want the link for in a PC browser. Then, duplicate the URL that appears in the top address bar.

How to Copy the Instagram Link to Desktop?

Your Instagram profile link is really only a few clicks away if you’re using a desktop.

  • Open a web browser and go to the Instagram website to get started. Log in to the website using your account.
  • Go to Instagram and click the profile button in the top-right corner. The URL for the menu item “Profile” will now be copied.
  • Right-click “Profile” in Chrome and select “Copy Link Address.” Right-click the “Profile” link in Firefox or Edge and select “Copy Link.” You were able to copy the URL for your Instagram profile.
  • Put your cursor in any text box on your computer, right-click, and select “Paste” from the menu to utilize this link.

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