How to Change Startup Programs Windows 11?

If you’re working to get your startup program up and running, but you’re not sure how to change startup programs Windows 11, read on. You will soon find what you’re looking for, as this article can help you with this.

How to Disable Startup Programs Windows 11
How to Disable Startup Programs Windows 11

As you add programs and features to your computer, you’ll find that some of them start up immediately after you log in. These consist of messaging programs, keyboard and mouse drivers, cloud services, and other things. It’s convenient to have your frequently used programs available as soon as your computer boots up. However, startup apps that you don’t actually use slow down your computer’s wake-up time and waste resources.

Some of these are pre-installed programs, unused drivers, and gaming services.  You must access your computer’s settings if you want to prevent programs from starting when you log in. Prior to selecting the Gear symbol next to the Power Button, click the Start Menu button. As an alternative, you can select All programs from the Start Menu’s upper right corner, then select search Settings. Open the Settings window and select Apps from the menu on the left. Go to Startup in the main Apps window. A list of the apps that startup, up when you log in, is now visible.

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Choose the apps from the list that you don’t use, and then turn them off by clicking the slider in the right column.  In the Startup folder of your Start Menu, you can add programs that you want to run automatically. You have to use the Windows key + R command to open Run because it is not easily accessible. The next step is to enter shell: startup and then press OK. Then, a startup-named new file explorer window will show up.

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The executable file for the programs you want to automatically run must then be found Create a shortcut by selecting Show additional options from the legacy context menu when you right-click the programs. Move the shortcut into the Startup folder once it has been generated. Every time you log in, your computer will then automatically launch the apps you’ve added to that folder, saving you time and effort. When you log out for the day, you may choose which apps open immediately and which apps remain closed, which might help you or your computer be more productive.

How to Enable or Disable Startup in Windows
How to Startup Programs Windows

You may preserve your computer’s resources and make it work quicker by preventing unwanted apps from starting up and from running in the background.  Alternatively, you can avoid having to personally locate each program in your start menu in order to open it by having the apps you need for the day launch automatically. Simply place their shortcuts in your Startup folder, and the computer will launch them for you each morning. You may now become more efficient by managing the automation on your computer, which will enable you to accomplish more each day.

Type and hit Enter in the Run dialogue box or the search box, respectively. Tap the Startup tab in the System Configuration window. Each program’s name has a checkbox to the left of it that indicates whether or not it starts up. After making your changes, click the Apply button. You now have it. When you log into your PC, the apps you’ve disabled won’t launch by themselves anymore.

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